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2013 June

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06.18.13 (1:05 am)   [edit]


Abracadabra and all that! Magic tricks don’t boggle the brain at the movies, simply because they can be performed with the sleight of an editing hand, a camera move or of course, those super-special effects.

Watch Now You See Me Online Yet, despite your in-built resistance to vanishing rabbits, eager-to-gorge piranhas and uncanny hypnotism, ‘Now You See Me’, directed by Louis Letterier, has you hooked at the outset. After that, it becomes boring, what with the screenplay taking off into an elongated car chase and the run-cops-run rigmarole. Moreover, so many explanations are offered for what-the-hell’s-going on that the mystery caper becomes as old-fashioned as an Agatha Christie whodunit in which dear ole Hercule Poirot would sum up the who-did-what-to-whom-and-why malarkey, ever so fluently. Here, the unravelling remains a cat’s cradle of confusion.

French director Letterier, who helmed the ‘Transporter’ earlier, alas, doesn’t get to the next level. Thrills and spills are all that matter. And after establishing the four principal characters, he literally makes them disappear into thin air, although you want to know more about their different abilities.

Watch Now You See Me Online Free In the event, the mentalist (Woody Harrelson), the conjurer (Jesse Eisenberg), the card sharpie (Dave Franco) and the illusionist diva (Isla Fisher), are plain caricatures. Be that as it may, they come together on a humongous stage in Las Vegas, make a member of the audience travel in half a second to Paris and rob a bank. Merde! Next stop: New Orleans. Incidentally, the quartet’s winning card is that they’re modern-day Robin Hoods, outwitting the rich to rain dollars on the embezzled or just a vast down-at-heel audience.

Watch Now You See Me Movie The foursome who adopt the name of Horsemen (so what, if one of them is a woman?) have one big feat to pull off in New York for the finale, even while the cops are closing in on them. So far, so okay, but from this point the screenplay stops at the police department to comment once again (ho-hum) on the bureaucratic snafus which develop between the FBI and the local police department. And allo allo, there’s a cop-cake from France too, a mademoiselle (Melani Laurent ), who may or may not be in love with the inept FBI officer (Mark Ruffalo).

Watch Now You See Me Movie Online For some extra seasoning, two senior stalwarts are sprinkled on the proceedings. One is a greedy moneybags (Michael Caine) and the other, a debunker of abracadabrisms (Morgan Freeman). Indeed, one of the film’s best-performed and written scenes turns out to be a verbal duel between this awesome twosome.

Meanwhile, the four mega-tricksters are in hiding, only to return for the finale which is pedestrian, absolutely predictable and again, purely FX-abetted, including aerial shots of skyscrapers by day, night. You name the hour, it’s there.

Usually, it’s the over-lengthy products which tend to lose steam. In this case, within the space of a running time of 115 minutes, the magic caper delights you for a while (an hour, give or take a few minutes )and then crashes with a thud. Worst of all, are those complicated excuses and reasons concoted for the general mayhem. Come on, tell us another, which they just might because the finale so obviously makes allowances for a sequel.

Watch Now You See Me Online Besides Caine and Morgan, the acting honours go to Harrelson, who’s excellent whenever it comes to playing a diabolical dude. Eisenberg of ‘Social Network’ is reliably smug and silver-tongued. The rest are challenged by seriously dumbed-down roles, particularly Ruffalo and his Parisian assistant, their romance being one of the most sterile you’re seen in recent years.

With its few pluses and many vices, then, ‘Now You See Me’ can be recommended to those who like their entertainment medium-grilled, and not entirely well-done.